Best Android Smartwatch With Gps

Have you heard about the device called a smartwatch? Most people know about the regular wristwatch, but as things stand, many people don’t yet realize that there is an improved, upgraded version of the classic wristwatch, and that it comes in the form of a smartwatch. But still, there is a big trend in the increase of people that wear smartwatches, and the trend is that this practice will continue. More and more people pick wearing a smartwatch over a wristwatch, because of just how much useful and practical it is.

The wristwatch and the smartwatch have a key similarity – they both sit tightly around your wrist, and they both tell you the time whenever you feel like knowing it. But the smartwatch has also the added functionality of being able to go online. And the world online is really big – so it’s up to you to define what you can do on the smartwatch. You can surf the web online, or just chat with your friends. Now, we recommend you to buy a model of a smartwatch with GPS installed, because then you will be able to see our exact location, and you will never get lost. See our list on the best models.

Sony Smartwatch for Android 4.3 - White3.4$125.99
Sony SWR50 1.6-Inch Transflective Display SmartWatch 3 for Android wear Android 4.3 and onwards - Black3.7$144.00
Garmin vívoactive HR GPS Smart Watch, Regular fit - Black3.8$199.99
Evershop Bluetooth Android Smart Watch with SIM Card Slot Smartwatch for Android Smartphones(Gold)3.7$44.00
Garmin vívoactive Black bundle (Includes Heart Rate Monitor)4.0$209.87
EvershopBluetooth Smart Watch with SIM Card Slot 2.5D ARC HD(Black)3.8$65.99
Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch, Black, Silver, Large4.1$184.99
LEMFO KW88 3G Smart Watch Cell Phone All-in-One MTK6580 Android 5.1 Quad Core WiFi GPS Heart Rate Monitor (Gray+Black)3.4$125.99
Viper SmartStart VSM350 (CDMA) Add-On SmartStart GPS Module for Apple/Android Smartphone/Smartwatch5.0$305.99
Pebble Smartwatch Black3.8$66.99

Sony Smartwatch for Android 4.3 – White

Scored 3.4/5.0 – From 28 Customer Reviews
Priced From $125.99
  • White Classic Band, Water Protected, IP68 rated
  • Sensors: Ambient light sensors, Accelerometer, Compass, Gyro, GPS
  • Notifications, Voice Commands, Lifelong, Impressive stand-alone functions
  • Powered By Android Wear – Useful information when you need it, Apps for everything
  • Tell the Smartwatch 3 SWR50 what you want and it will do it, Search, Command, Find

Sony Smartwatch for Android 4.3 - White

I previously owned a pebble time. I decided to buy this guy as it had a similar form factor and it had a solid 2 day battery life. So far it has delivered on that promise. I use the watch plenty and it’s rare when I get to the end of the day with less than 50 percent.One grip is the charging. There is no conductive charging, you have to peal open the charging port and connect a micro USB head to it. Minor inconvenience but not a deal breaker. It is water proof.


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Sony SWR50 1.6-Inch Transflective Display SmartWatch 3 for Android wear Android 4.3 and onwards – Black

Scored 3.7/5.0 – From 493 Customer Reviews
Priced From $144.00
  • Black Classic Band, Water Protected, IP68 rated. 2 days battery life.
  • Sensors: Ambient light sensors, Accelerometer, Compass, Gyro, GPS.
  • Notifications, Voice Commands, Lifelong, Impressive stand-alone functions
  • Powered By Android Wear – Useful information when you need it, Apps for everything

Sony SWR50 1.6-Inch Transflective Display SmartWatch 3 for Android wear Android 4.3 and onwards - Black

This watch is a perfect mix of all things…. built in GPS, actually waterproof, and it looks decent. I had read through all the reviews about the watch, and was very concerned about the band, but the band is very nice – one of the nicest I have had on a watch ever.I have loaded my music up on this thing and can go for a run, track my workout, and listen to music… all without my phone.Things it doesn’t have are – wireless charging, heart rate monitoring.The Moto 360 offers a very elegant wireless charging setup – I like this setup. I would have preferred if Sony had done the same, but instead I have a very fast charging (seems about 30 minutes) watch, and I don’t have to carry a dock around with me when I travel. I first had an LG watch that had a dock, and left the country for three months… without the dock. As this watch uses a standard micro-USB I am never without a charger. Ever.Heart rate monitoring – I tried this on the Moto 360 and it worked pretty OK, but it was a little more gimicky than anything. What it is not is a heart rate monitor that you will use during vigorous activity… won’t ever do it. Looking forward to being able to pair a BLE HRM strap to the watch, and having that run independently of all other things. If this is possible with the watch I have not found the right app yet…This is a refined watch, and an excellent choice if you are looking for a great sports watch, and don’t want to worry about water exposure (water exposure killed my LG G Watch – don’t believe the words “water resistant” unless it’s a smattering of rain, it is a lie).I recommend this watch if you are looking for a smart watch.


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Garmin vívoactive HR GPS Smart Watch, Regular fit – Black

Scored 3.8/5.0 – From 820 Customer Reviews
Priced From $199.99
  • 24/7 HEART RATE MONITORING – Elevate wrist heart technology gives you heart rate all day and night -no additional strap required – Activity Tracking Accuracy
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE – Up to 8 days in watch/activity tracking mode
  • INTENSITY MINUTES – Monitor your progress against aerobic activity goals recommended by health organizations like the American Heart Association
  • SMART NOTIFICATIONS – Set any notification from your mobile device to come over – When paired with a compatible smartphone
  • GPS smartwatch with a sunlight-readable, high-resolution color touchscreen

Garmin vívoactive HR GPS Smart Watch, Regular fit - Black

I wanted to wait until I had this watch for a bit before writing my review. I am actually surprised at the amount of reviews where people do not love this product. I think that a part of it may be that people are expecting it to be more like a smart watch and less of a fitness watch.Do not be confused by the name of the product, this is a fitness watch. If you are looking for a smart watch I would wait for Apple to release a better version of what they have and go with that. Garmin doesn’t have a bunch of apps and gadgets to add to this watch. It’s a watch after all. I mean, there are widgets and things, but it’s not a smart phone. If your goal is to replace your phone, you will be disappointed.I use this watch for fitness and because that is my goal, I haven’t found anything that I don’t like about it. The HR monitor is accurate in my opinion although I am just basing that on how I feel. I love that the GPS turns on automatically when you tell the watch you are participating in an activity. This helps the battery last longer. I charge mine every 4-5 days (when it is at 40%), which is fine with me considering I usually track a 50 minute walk every morning and then on two of those days I track 90 minutes of cycling. The GPS is obviously very accurate so nothing to complain about there.The watch is easy to use and figure out. I do like that I have the option of seeing texts and other notifications on the watch because while at work I can be on the move and don’t want to carry my phone everywhere, yet I can’t miss work calls/texts so it is nice to get that notification on my wrist.I want to also add that I could understand how people who have a smaller wrist may not love this design. I think my wrist is average size (just under 6.5 inches in circumference) so I went with the medium or regular. I think it is perfect, but the band is rather thick, an inch all the way around so it may look really big if you are a smaller person.Hope that helps.


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Evershop Bluetooth Android Smart Watch with SIM Card Slot Smartwatch for Android Smartphones(Gold)

Scored 3.7/5.0 – From 92 Customer Reviews
Priced From $44.00
  • STANDALONE SMARTWATCH: With SIM Card Slot,So it can be used independently without bluetooth connection.You can dial,answer phone calls like a smartphone.
  • CARD EXCHANGEABILITY: Allows you to exchange business cards and information quickly.
  • EXCELLENT FEATURES: Smart Health Watch,including Pedometer, fitness tracker, Sleep monitor, Sedentary Reminder and many more features to give you the ultimate smartwatch experience.
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE AND STYLISH DESIGN: Made with a Sensitive HD Touch Screen, which is encased in top quality lightweight and durable aluminum, that is connected to a soft, sweat proof silicon watch band.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ANY ANDROID PHONE: Sync your Apps,Contacts and Receive Notifications when you get a text, e-mail, Whatsapp, Facebook message, or phone call.

Evershop Bluetooth Android Smart Watch with SIM Card Slot Smartwatch for Android Smartphones(Gold)

This is an awesome watch. So far it has exceeded my expectations by far. The manual was kind of hard to read and the site to get the BTNOTIFICATION app was partly in Chinese but it’s easy to figure out. One thing I noticed is when you power off your phone or watch you have to manually go in and turn on BT Notifications. The seller replied to a question I had. Anyone saying these 5 star reviews are false has no idea what they are talking about.One thing I missed originally in the package was the screen protector. It is very small and was hidden at the bottom of the box.


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Garmin vívoactive Black bundle (Includes Heart Rate Monitor)

Scored 4.0/5.0 – From 1,710 Customer Reviews
Priced From $209.87
  • DISPLAY – Ultra-thin, high-resolution, sunlight-readable, color touchscreen display
  • GPS-ENABLED – Built-in GPS-enabled running, biking and golfing plus swimming and activity tracking apps let you view your stats–even when away from your phone
  • SMART NOTIFICATIONS – Pairs with your smartphone to gently vibrate and display alerts for incoming calls, texts, email and calendar items plus notifications from social media and other apps
  • BATTERY LIFE – Battery charge lasts through all your activities with up to 3 weeks in watch/activity tracking mode or up to 10 hours using GPS.
  • SENSOR COMPATIBILITY – Get more out of Vivoactive – pairs with heart rate monitor chest strap for fitness activities (chest strap included in bundle package. NOTE – Heart rate monitor is not built in, you have to wear the chest strap to check heart rate.

Garmin vívoactive Black bundle (Includes Heart Rate Monitor)

I’ve been using the Garmin Vivoactive for about a week after receiving it from Amazon (I ordered it back when it was first announced so it just started shipping). I’ve had several other Garmin running watches (Forerunner 10, 220, 610, etc). Overall I’m very happy with the device, and would put 4.5 stars if possible. If you want a ‘smart watch’, coupled with gps, good battery life (for smart watches), thin and light form factor, good for daily activity tracking and also tagging more serious athletics (running, cycling, swimming, etc), then I think this is definitely one of the best out there.Details:Form factor:Very thin especially compared to other brands and other garmin watches, also incredibly light. Also pretty comfortable to wear all day, especially since I don’t usually enjoy wearing a watch all day and normally would take it off at work or when I get home. Very happy with this element.Activity tracking:Really love Garmin’s design of this feature. Graphical view is really nice, and the red ‘move bar’ that fills up and gently nudges you to move by vibrating subtly when been sitting too long is great. It’s not too annoying so you can ignore it easily, but also reminds you to not just sit still. I do wish it was a little bit easier to clear it. I live in a house with 3 different levels and when I walk around the house it doesn’t clear until I go outside or something usually, I would think the house and stairs would count. I’m hoping Garmin can correct this later– it’s a minor quick really and not a big deal at all. Also, the calculation and automatic creation of your daily goal in steps is really great. I love that it looks for a pattern and increases / decreases your daily step goal as you are more/less active. It’s more engaging and doesn’t let you get as bored with just shooting for the same 10 or 15000 steps a day or something. It also doesn’t jump too rapidly with one day of extreme activity or inactivity which is nice. Other brands should learn from Garmin on this. The Vivoactive does not have a wrist hear rate monitor, but to be honest those do not work very well on devices out there now, it’s just not perfected yet to get accurate results without wearing super tightly, so I don’t think it’s a big deal not to have it here. It does connect with a chest strap however, as well as a foot pod if desired, etc.Apps (running, cycling, swimming, golf, etc)Work basically the same as other Garmin running GPS watches if you have had them. The GPS was incredibly quick, way faster than my older devices, probably about 10 seconds. This is a big plus if you are an athlete, as you can use this for training and not have to have a separate every day watch, running watch, and work watch. I’ve read the reviews of the Fitbit Surge and the GPS seems very weak and not accurate. This is Garmin’s sweet spot so the tracking is really an A+. You can install or delete apps (and widgets, etc as well), through the app on your phone. It took be a bit to figure out how this worked, but once I did I was able to delete the golf app for example because I know I won’t use that.Battery life:All smart watches struggle with this, it’s really a technology limitation across all brands with batteries and getting them in a smart watch. However I will say Garmin did a great job with this, and although I didn’t time it, it seems to last for several days at a time easy, even using GPS daily for runs and playing with it a little during the day while on my wrist. It’s nice to not have to plug it in nightly.Connect IQGarmin has a free app store where you can download widgets, new data fields, new watch faces, etc. This is really a nice feature and so far I’ve downloaded a few things, but it’s a pretty limited selection so far. I would expect this to expand greatly in the future since this platform is brand new and the watches that use it from Garmin are really just being released now. I’m not expecting something anywhere near as big or nice as Apple’s app store for the iWatch, but it should still be pretty good.NotificationsI don’t really use this feature all that much, but it works pretty much as I would expect. When phone calls come in and notifications it shows up almost immediately on the watch. You can’t respond to the notifications, or answer calls not he watch obviously, but that’s really an Apple thing not Garmin I believe. Speaking of which, I also learned that after speaking with Garmin customer service, notifications due have a limitation on Apple iOS devices. You can only choose all notifications from your phone, or only calls– you can’t customize say, text messages but not twitter. I believe you can do this on Android but just not iOS because of what Apple allows. You can customize which notification preference you choose different for during activities (e.g. running you only want calls) versus not during activities (e.g. you want everything) which is nice.ScreenI do think the screen is just ok. Not a huge deal, but it could definitely be brighter and more crisp. It’s a little harder to see in bright light and sometimes without the backlight on.Other Misc Items and bugsSo there are definitely a few things I discovered that are small annoyances, but not big enough to matter that much. It’s a first generation device from Garmin, so they are to be expected. For example, the default watch face from Garmin is actually really clean and nice looking, except they somehow left the battery % remaining off of it by accident. When I spoke to customer service, we researched it together, and they realized the mistake. I’m pretty sure that this along with any other small things will be updated through software updates that occur automatically through the phone Garmin Connect app. Garmin is usually really good about somewhat regular software updates. UPDATE: 4/15/15- Today Garmin released their 4th software update for the watch that fixes several bugs including the battery percentage mentioned above. It’s great how they are coming out with fixes and updates so often.Their customer service people were externally excited that I got the device and super helpful and nice on the phone, which was a really nice surprise. They even sent me free color bands just for being an early adopter and calling in. Like Amazon, this is a company I like working with for their great service.- The one other thing I notices is that this device might have a little bit of a learning curve for people that have never had a smart watch, or like gadgets, or can just click around and figure stuff out. The menus are a little clunky and hard to figure out what option is where. For example what settings are in the System–>Settings menu, vs the System–>Bluetooth menu, vs what you need to configure on the app on your phone. The user manual leaves a lot to be desired and needs way more detail. The phone app also is a little hard to navigate and just not as polished as say something I would expect to see not he soon to be released apple iWatch, but we will see.- Color bands look nice and really not very expensive at all (see Garmin’s website). Ordered a couple but have not arrived yet.- Touchscreen is really nice, responsive, and haven’t had any complaints yet.Hope this helps, let me know of any questions and I can add to this!


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EvershopBluetooth Smart Watch with SIM Card Slot 2.5D ARC HD(Black)

Scored 3.8/5.0 – From 54 Customer Reviews
Priced From $65.99
  • DIGITAL CROWN CONTROL: You can use the digital crown to scroll through lists, zoom in and out, and control the intelligent interface
  • GRAVITY SENSOR: By raising your hand it will wake the screen. When you flip your hand it can switch between features.
  • STANDALONE SMARTWATCH: Designed to be used independently without the need of a smartphone, thanks to its SIM card capability. The advantage of this is that you can still call, text and email because it has its own wireless connection, so there are no distance limitations.
  • AMAZING FEATURES: Includes a fitness tracker, sleep monitor, remote camera, sedentary reminder, music player, calendar, calculator, alarm clock, web browser and video recorder to give the ultimate smartwatch experience.
  • CUSTOMIZE WATCH FACE: You change the watch faces and display to suit you our taste. Easily move and rearrange Apps. STYLISH DESIGN: Made from sophisticated high-performance materials to complete your look.

EvershopBluetooth Smart Watch with SIM Card Slot 2.5D ARC HD(Black)

To use all of the features, you will need to download any number of free BT notification apps available on the google play. Essentially, the app interfaces with the watch to push message/call notifications over. Message and call notifications can be audio/vibrate and you can quickly see who is calling/hang up or read a message. This is the reason why this watch is so useful. This is even more useful if you keep your phone in your bag as you can check your messages/calls without even having to fish your phone out! The watch also acts as a bluetooth audio device for calls/music. Given the size of the device, probably realistic not to expect vivid sound for music, but for calls, it is quite serviceable. The microphone works well and sound like the speaker phone on my iphone.


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Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch, Black, Silver, Large

Scored 4.1/5.0 – From 4,298 Customer Reviews
Priced From $184.99
  • Fitbit Blaze syncs automatically and wirelessly to 200+ leading iOS, Android and Windows devices using Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology. Syncing to computers requires Internet connection and USB port. Syncing to mobile devices requires Bluetooth and Internet connection. Syncing range: 20 feet
  • Water Resistance: Fitbit Blaze is sweat, rain and splash proof, but is not swim proof. We recommend taking it off before showering, as it’s best for your skin if the band stays dry and clean. Battery life: lasts up to 5 days. Radio transceiver: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Warning: Do not use if you have a pacemaker or other internal, or implanted medical device. Not intended for use by children under 13. Always consult your physician. Slippery when wet
  • We recommend charging your device every few days to ensure you are always tracking. Charge time: One to two hours
  • Syncs with Windows Vista and later, Mac OS X 10.6 and up, iPhone 4S and later, iPad 3 gen. and later, and leading Android and Windows devices

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch, Black, Silver, Large

I have been using this Fitbit for a couple of weeks. It is very light. I sometimes forget I have the watch on. I like that you have four options to change the face type (see attached images). The ability to set an alarm is also a plus. You have to set it on you Fitbit app. It will vibrate on your wrist. I have the charge the watch every couple of days even though Fitbit advertised the Blaze has a 5 day battery life. Overall, I’m happy I decided to trade in my Apple Watch for the Fitbit Blaze.


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LEMFO KW88 3G Smart Watch Cell Phone All-in-One MTK6580 Android 5.1 Quad Core WiFi GPS Heart Rate Monitor (Gray+Black)

Scored 3.4/5.0 – From 33 Customer Reviews
Priced From $125.99
  • High Configuration: LEMFO KW88 smart watch cell phone adopts MTK6580 Qual Core with Android 5.1 OS, RAM 512MB + ROM 4GB. In Google play, it supports downloading many popular applications.
  • Sports Design & Multifunctional: LEMFO KW88 Smart Watch Cell Phone uses aluminum watch case with anodic oxidation processing and CNC manufacturing. With 1.39 inch AMOLED, 400*400 circular capacitive touch screen, it can be as a MP3 player, Video player, Sound Recorder, Pedometer, Alarm clock, heart rate monitor, Remote Control, Anti lost, Message Reminder, all in one!
  • Contact Everytime Everywhere: LEMFO KW88 Smart Watch Cell Phone can independently make / receive phone calls with one SIM card of 2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900, 3G WCDMA 850/2100 internet. And it can connect WIFI and bluetooth.
  • Built-in GPS: LEMFO KW88 Smart Watch Cell Phone supports GPS map tracking, satellite positioning, with Voice assistant, GPS help you to locate and determine the correct direction.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: LEMFO KW88 Smart Watch Cell Phone comes with high accuracy heart rate sensor, it will help you to know your heart rate status anytime anywhere. Be your own immediate health steward. Enjoy your smart life!

LEMFO KW88 3G Smart Watch Cell Phone All-in-One MTK6580 Android 5.1 Quad Core WiFi GPS Heart Rate Monitor (Gray+Black)

The watch does everything it is advertised to do.


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Viper SmartStart VSM350 (CDMA) Add-On SmartStart GPS Module for Apple/Android Smartphone/Smartwatch

Scored 5.0/5.0 – From 2 Customer Reviews
Priced From $305.99
  • SmartStart GPS Module for Apple/Android Smartphone/Smartwatch
  • Remote Start
  • Compatible with Siri and Google Voice commands
  • GPS option to track car
  • Car Location

Viper SmartStart VSM350 (CDMA) Add-On SmartStart GPS Module for Apple/Android Smartphone/Smartwatch

Great addition to my Viper 5706V that way I have remotes and the iPhone SmartStart app.


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Pebble Smartwatch Black

Scored 3.8/5.0 – From 2,840 Customer Reviews
Priced From $66.99
  • View notifications from email, SMS, Caller ID, calendar and your favorite apps on your wrist.
  • Includes Pebble timeline, a chronological display of calendar and notifications
  • Download watch faces and apps to suit your style and interests.
  • Control music playing on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and more.
  • Rechargeable battery lasts 5-7 days on a single charge
  • Compatible with both Apple (iOS 6 and higher) and Android devices (OS 4.0 and higher)

Pebble Smartwatch Black

Fantastic smart watch. This isn’t like an apple watch with the ability to run a ton of high power apps in color. This watch allows you to receive SMS messages and respond with quick replies (either by using an improvised keyboard or pre-set messages). you are limited to 8 apps on the phone which you load via an app on your smartphone.What the watch lacks in raw processing power is made up in other ways. The monochrome e-paper display is really great. The contrast is the best I’ve seen on any digital watch — easy to view even in very dim light. This is due to the silver background being super reflective and the black element is pure black – The contrast and reflectivity makes for a fantastic display.The battery life on this thing is crazy – you easily get 5 days of use before even thinking of needing a charge. This is with Bluetooth on at all times. My old Samsung smart watch needed a charge after about 8 hours with Bluetooth constantly on… To activate the backlite you flick your wrist – no G-shock button presses necessary and since you need a quick snap the wrist (not just at a certain angle) you’ll find that the light comes on only when you really want it to come on… saving battery life and giving you really good control of the backlight.One thing I found really useful is that the watch has a very powerful vibrate mechanism. I set mine to make zero noise, instead any alert is done via vibration. I get woken up every morning by the watch madly vibrating on my arm when the alarm goes off… I never wake up when any watch makes an audible alarm but the vibrate alarm works every time!The apps I tried of far work great.ESPN apps display the scoress/start time of the sporting events (all major sports) realtime and is really handy when I need to know channel/time the game of my favorite team is going to be aired. If the game is in progress, it will show the current score. Really neat!Messaging app causes andy incoming SMS to appear and gives a vibrate notice. I set a bunch of canned responses like ‘okay’ or ‘Sounds good’ ‘coming now’, etc. and can deal with 90% of SMS responses with a few button presses from the watch. If you want a lenghty response you’ll best be served by grabbing the phone.stopwatch/countdown timer apps – works like on any other watch.Music boss app works like a remote control for the audio apps on your phone. You get track listing and the ability to pause, play skip, etc… Really handy when listening to B/T headphones. The phone can be buried in your bag/backpack and you can contol music playback via the watch. The watch can be connted to the watch at the same time you have Bluetooth headphones connected so the watch does not get in the way of using audio Bluetooth devices on your phone.I do reccommend you get a screen protector as the watch is made of polycarbonate and the screen can get scratched easily. Armoursuit is the best I’ve found (fit is impeccable and application is easy), Skinomi is also a good choice (not quite as easy to put on, but decent fit and way cheaper than Armorsuit). The best advice i found on applying these ‘military grade’ flexible protectors is to use lots of the spray application liquid and then when you squeezed the bubbles out and positioned it perfectly, leave it alone for about 3 hours — leave any flaps that won’t stick alone. The protector will slowly adhere to the watch face and after about 3 hours it won’t slide around and the flaps that wouldn’t initially stick will now adhere to the watch. just stroke the protector outward from the center of the watch and everything should stick. Any bubbles or bumps form liquid under the protector will dissappear within 24 hours as the porous membrane will allow evaporation of the application liquid or trapped air to slowly pass thorugh the protector. After about 48 hours you should have a skin tight super smooth invisible protector.I forgot to mention one of the greatest selling points of this watch (smack forehead) is that this watch is WATER RESISTANT. This isn’t simply taking a shower water resistant, but swimming laps in a pool water resistant.


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The overall tendency of the latest technological advancements is to fuse different inventions into one. Such is the case with the smartwatch which combines a regular wristwatch with the internet, so now you have two in one. And all you need to do is to hook the smartwatch around your wrist. We haven’t mentioned the other addition and benefit of the GPS, so as you see, this is something that you will enjoy using. It’s really practical and useful, and most people, if not all people that have used it, are really pleased from it. Enjoy using it.