Best Mic Preamps

Preamps are equipment that give the audio signals the shape and definition before they are amplified, processed and sent as output through the speakers, headphones and other audio gear. When you require quality sound, using the preamps is crucial. A mic preamp is an important piece of equipment when you want to add warmth, character […]

Best Gaming Earbuds

Earbuds work wonders not just for gaming but also for listening music, watching movies, attending calls and exercising. Traditional gaming earbuds and headsets used to get hot and uncomfortable when worn for a long time at a stretch but modern earbuds have been made to fit well in the ear offering the supreme sound quality […]

Best Crossfit Gloves

Crossfit gloves are ideal for those people that pursue activities or sports that require your hands to be protected. Such activities include rope climbing, pull ups and similar other sports. The best quality gloves are those that that provide enough grip and support to your hands, so that you can perform your workout without ripping […]