Best Bluetooth Smart Watch

With several manufacturers and brands bringing in their new collection of watches each day, choosing the best one for your self should not be a difficult task. However, presently it is the time of the smart watches. These smart watches are just like the ordinary watches in design but they have a whole lot of […]

Best Smart Watch With Phone

The constant notifications of social media messages, emails and text messages can sometimes bug you as you have to keep checking your smartphone every now and then. In place, if you have a smart watch that is compatible with your phone, it takes out the effort of removing the smartphone from your bag or pocket […]

Best Touch Screen Smart Watch

While all the other things are getting smart, why should watches be left behind and therefore, after the smartphones we now have smart watches. The usual routine watches have been replaced by the mobile phones that double up as watches telling you the time as and when you desire. Now if that is so, why […]