Best Smartwatch With Sleep Tracker

The smartwatch is the tool of the future. It combines different technologies in order to help you in the practical aspects of your life. Most people like to have things ready at their hands – and what’s closer at the helm of your hands than the wristwatch? Well, now you can connect with the world […]

Best Smartwatch With Heart Rate Monitor

Smartwatches are not time keepers but definitely more than that. There was once the notion that the mobile phones have phased out the watches but the smart watches have revived the watch market simply because they are now loaded with several new and useful features. One of these features that are very much liked in […]

Best Smartwatch With Sleep Monitor

watches have come a long way. When they were initially introduced they were considered an extension of the smart phones. Along with telling time, these watches could be connected to your phone and hence they could notify whenever there was a message or call. This prevented you from checking your phone every now and then. […]