Best Bass Guitar Effects Pedals

As a musician we all want to reach a certain stage in our musical careers – we want to attain a level of success that makes the journey worthwhile and all that we have sacrificed on the altar of musical greatness worth it. At the very basic level, it takes you years of practice to […]

Best Metal Distortion Pedal

The best metal distortion pedal that we bring to you is the most extreme as well as preferred and favoured distortion pedal that can easily used in case of genres such as hard rock and heavy metal. It comes with multi-gain circuitry that gives you endless sustain as well as super-thick and tube-like distortion. This […]

Best Chorus Pedal

If you are a music enthusiast in the sense that you play the guitar and can create music, then you might know about chorus pedals. When you play the electric guitar and you wish to layer and apply texture to the sound being produced, then you will require chorus pedals. Chorus pedals give the dry […]