Best Android Smartwatch With Gps

Have you heard about the device called a smartwatch? Most people know about the regular wristwatch, but as things stand, many people don’t yet realize that there is an improved, upgraded version of the classic wristwatch, and that it comes in the form of a smartwatch. But still, there is a big trend in the […]

Best Smartwatch With Sleep Monitor

watches have come a long way. When they were initially introduced they were considered an extension of the smart phones. Along with telling time, these watches could be connected to your phone and hence they could notify whenever there was a message or call. This prevented you from checking your phone every now and then. […]

Best Touch Screen Smart Watch

While all the other things are getting smart, why should watches be left behind and therefore, after the smartphones we now have smart watches. The usual routine watches have been replaced by the mobile phones that double up as watches telling you the time as and when you desire. Now if that is so, why […]