Best Smartwatch With Camera

We live in times of amazing technological advancements. And for the most part, we’re all the better for it. We can do things that were once though unimaginable, and we can do them easily, with the push of a single button. As you may realize, there are thousands of different technological breakthroughs that make our […]

Best Smart Watch For Android Phone

The technology of our modern times is advancing at an ever faster rate. New inventions are crowding up on a daily basis, and there are new and novel ways in which we can do things that we had to do inefficiently before. There are also many new exciting combinations of older contraptions that have managed […]

Best Smartwatch With Heart Rate Monitor

Smartwatches are not time keepers but definitely more than that. There was once the notion that the mobile phones have phased out the watches but the smart watches have revived the watch market simply because they are now loaded with several new and useful features. One of these features that are very much liked in […]